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mac bean returns

the ferry crashed onto the shore and cars started falling into the water.

yesterday at 3.00pm

“my job, is gonna be the best” said mac bean heading to his ferry

“hey mate please take my thousand cars to England, because i’m going to fly to England” a customer said.

but as he heard him he felt ill as a old man

” but i only can take 500 cars on this ferry” said  mac bean nervously.

what can mac bean do?

the next day mac bean was thinking what to do looking at the destroyed ferry with 1000 cars, slipping off the ferry.



my stupid city in the final earth 2

“i can’t believe it, I’ve done everything for you people and you don’t respect me”

i said angrily at home-time. on Thursday, After my work i played my final earth 2, There were some instructions on the screen which told me to help the people to get more likes.

first i built some stores for people to work they were all nice there but after i built more stuff everything got out of hand i said

“everyone could you please give me some more respect” then someone in the crowd said

“no, because you are a loser ” then the crowd erupted with laughter.

kanjo and bazooie the fight of earth pt 1

We looked at the old elephant. He was glum.

“Is your name elephant?” asked Bazooie

“Yes,” said the elephant in glee “and you are my grandson Bazooie, right?”

“Yes grandpa,” Bazooie cried with joy.

Suddenly a big earthquake started and then i saw it. Gruntilda riding the earth’s core with a new baddie in a fox mask.

“I will destroy you with my son Grunty,” she said in a croaky voice.

She was impossible to defeat.

“What will we do Kanjo?” said Bazooie nervously.

“Super mode,” Kanjo replied.

Is it the end of all humanity and will Kanjo and Bazooie destroy Gruntilda once and for all?

dancing with the bears

in Alaska in a stormy night Tim was driving his ford Ute. the ute was really hard to  drive becaue of the ice he was white as a abeano snake because it was so cold. suddenly a burst of flames was raging out off the back of the ute he turned the wheel going into the white field of ice.  tiredly he wakes up and goes out of the car with his pet dog he was drenched in oil from the gaspipe and pushes his car to the top. then this big smelly tuna breath polar bear came and started attacking. sneakily the bear got my dog and ate him up blood dripped from his mouth. meanwhile i got my phone out and called my friend jeff yeetis but the bear ran after a deer. “hey mate how was your loser journey” said jeff yeetis “good but it sure was scary lets go home jeff”.

elephant and jingle( a bazooie and kanjo story)

Bazooie was thinking about his great great grandpa elephant who Gruntilda killed. Kanjo was drenched in hot water after he found a hot spring. “Hey Kanjo do you remember elephant my great grandpa” asked Bazooie “oh you mean that old grump who served king Jingaling’s father jingle” Kanjo replied. Suddenly Kanjo and Bazooie heard there doorbell ring. Kanjo opened the door it was an old elephant then the elephant delivered his speech and said “i’m looking for my grandson”. Kanjo and Bazooie looked at each other in shock. In the core of the earth a new bad guy was planing for revenge.

suddenly chapter 4

Suddenly i was at home in bed wondering about Felix’s friend Zelda.

“Is she an angel or a god?” I kept thinking.

In that instant, I put my hand in my pocket and felt a heart-shaped locket. It was Felix’s gold locket. It was a bit burnt from the fire but It remained ancient as It was. I ran to Felix and saw him playing his new viola. There was a box on the floor. It made a whimper. I checked inside. It was a tiny puppy.

“Babushka I bought It for you after the lost of jumble,” said Felix.

suddenly chapter 3

suddenly i cried and cried tears was flowing down my hot face “no Felix can’t be dead” i said flinging myself at Felix’s dead body. I hugged him and shook him really hard that’s when I knew I should run. Every doctor ran to Felix to see if he was alright but a miracle happened. Felix’s heart started beating again and he ran up to me and was lighthearted “Zelda are you all right I heard you crying but when I was asleep I saw Zelda the Nazis hanged I think she saved me” said Felix then we both looked up to the sky and thanked Zelda.

A Dog’s Journey To Ireland: Cats Are Annoying

On a  really hot sunny day a dog escaped from its evil owner and went on a big journey to Ireland.

“But it’s a long journey to get to Ireland” said a voice.

It was Cat the most despicable being of all time. Dog hates Cat so Dog barks at Cat.

“What dog are you bloodshot? Because you have red eyes…” said cat teasing dog.

Dog just ran away and ignored cat’s offensive words but Dog saw something beautiful and his eyes were sparkling it was a river and on the other side was Ireland. Meanwhile Cat was following Dog.

Uzamaki: Karata next generations the death forrest

Meanwhile in the Hidden Jounin Leaf competition, Ponto Kin and Uzamaki were waiting to go into the  deep dark forest of death. Hokage Karata came to give us our instructions. He said ” everyone has to get two scrolls, one is called the earth and the other is heaven. You need both of them to go to the next challenge”. We got a box, a scroll was in there it was the heaven scroll. We saw our master sitting on a chair rocking violently like a racoon he was wearing a sky blue robe. ” We will demolish them” Kin yelled keenly.

suddenly chapter 2

Felix couldn’t stop crying until he fell asleep i patted him on the head Jumble died a few months ago because he had too much smoke in his lungs and wasn’t able to breath properly. Felix woke up and looked at me frightened like i was a wolf then i heard Felix sob. Why is he sobbing i thought. Then i heard Felix scream, the deafening screams echoed through the cold night. i woke up in hospital “Felix wheres Felix” i said “sorry Zelda he had a stroke and died” said Dad. I couldn’t believe it i hugged Mum and sobbed.

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