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snow drop the polar bear

1939 Nazi Germany a baby polar bear escaped a zoo. The gestapo tried to round up the bear but it escaped on a big ice block.

20 years later

“fish and shrimps please” snowdrop the polar bear said to the sea lion.

“one coming right up” said the sea lion.

they were both friends and they both were going to Antarctica.

“How was it in Germany” said the sea lion.

“it was horrific” said snow drop gorging on his food.

That very day a Nemesis was spying on them.

Then it came a big shark called Megaladon he sank the ice block….




frost bite : the way of naruto

“Today i’m going to learn sage-art frozen shuriken” Naruto said excited.

Meanwhile at mount Marabokka, Minato got some water and rubber for his master.

“That’s what i like rubber and water” said master kurito.

Kurito is a old sage with a striped scar.

“hey son, ah whats that for” said Naruto confused.

“Its for the new Jutsu called the sage-art frozen shuriken” said kurito, Proud of himself.

“But dad i did all the work” said tired minato .

“How dare you, Great grandpa now lets get started with this Jutsu” said naruto.

they mastered it and lived up to their name



Minato’s ultimate training

At Mount Marabokka, Minato was training with his sage Kurito.

“Minato you have to master your super sage mode, If you don’t you’ll end up like that smelly cactus”.

Minato looked at the scrawny man that looked like a cactus, He had blood all over his body and was dead.

“What happened to him master” said Minato spooked by the dead body.

“He was on a s-rank mission to capture a runaway zebra he took a umbrella to capture the beast sadly he fell down a giant cliff” kurito said crying.

Suddenly Minato cried and a yellow tear drop fell.


100wc captain undergrove & dieby master & jeff (spella)

Today undergrove was in the Olympics. The two athletes elected was Jeff and Dieby master.

“How was that spella, i’ll become the top athlete in the Olympics” Dieby potato said.

“i’ll see you try” Jeff said.

I heard the shovel breaking into our home, I saw humans, I taste the dirt coming into my mouth, I felt the humans dirty hands touching my face.

But when I looked behind me, I saw my home destroyed and my fellow potatoes scared, But I saw captain undergrove saluting and then the other potatoes got picked up by the humans. everything went black….


mac bean returns

the ferry crashed onto the shore and cars started falling into the water.

yesterday at 3.00pm

“my job, is gonna be the best” said mac bean heading to his ferry

“hey mate please take my thousand cars to England, because i’m going to fly to England” a customer said.

but as he heard him he felt ill as a old man

” but i only can take 500 cars on this ferry” said  mac bean nervously.

what can mac bean do?

the next day mac bean was thinking what to do looking at the destroyed ferry with 1000 cars, slipping off the ferry.



my stupid city in the final earth 2

“i can’t believe it, I’ve done everything for you people and you don’t respect me”

i said angrily at home-time. on Thursday, After my work i played my final earth 2, There were some instructions on the screen which told me to help the people to get more likes.

first i built some stores for people to work they were all nice there but after i built more stuff everything got out of hand i said

“everyone could you please give me some more respect” then someone in the crowd said

“no, because you are a loser ” then the crowd erupted with laughter.