dancing with the bears

in Alaska in a stormy night Tim was driving his ford Ute. the ute was really hard to  drive becaue of the ice he was white as a abeano snake because it was so cold. suddenly a burst of flames was raging out off the back of the ute he turned the wheel going into the white field of ice.  tiredly he wakes up and goes out of the car with his pet dog he was drenched in oil from the gaspipe and pushes his car to the top. then this big smelly tuna breath polar bear came and started attacking. sneakily the bear got my dog and ate him up blood dripped from his mouth. meanwhile i got my phone out and called my friend jeff yeetis but the bear ran after a deer. “hey mate how was your loser journey” said jeff yeetis “good but it sure was scary lets go home jeff”.

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