elephant and jingle( a bazooie and kanjo story)

Bazooie was thinking about his great great grandpa elephant who Gruntilda killed. Kanjo was drenched in hot water after he found a hot spring. “Hey Kanjo do you remember elephant my great grandpa” asked Bazooie “oh you mean that old grump who served king Jingaling’s father jingle” Kanjo replied. Suddenly Kanjo and Bazooie heard there doorbell ring. Kanjo opened the door it was an old elephant then the elephant delivered his speech and said “i’m looking for my grandson”. Kanjo and Bazooie looked at each other in shock. In the core of the earth a new bad guy was planing for revenge.


  1. great job Bruce that story was fantastic you do have a problem though with is how do we now no that theirs a bad guy in the core of the earth? can you answer me I’l all was be reading your comets and stores.

  2. Wow Outstanding you Must of been inspired by me Nice Job! I think Kanjo Would be a Cousin to banjo and also banjo last name is kazzol and kazzoie kazzol Very Cool how you incorporated King Jingaling King Of Jinjo and nice Description and all the edits and comers. Nice Work, From, Angus567mps

  3. charlie kanjo and kazooie found it on there rader of bad guys but i couldn’t fit it in

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