Uzamaki: Karata next generations the death forrest

Meanwhile in the Hidden Jounin Leaf competition, Ponto Kin and Uzamaki were waiting to go into theย  deep dark forest of death. Hokage Karata came to give us our instructions. He said ” everyone has to get two scrolls, one is called the earth and the other is heaven. You need both of them to go to the next challenge”. We got a box, a scroll was in there it was the heaven scroll. We saw our master sitting on a chair rocking violently like a racoon he was wearing a sky blue robe. ” We will demolish them” Kin yelled keenly.


  1. Hi Lachie,

    I LOVED the way you created such a creepy atmosphere… “the deep dark forest of death”… I felt excited by the challenge that faced the two characters, great job on integrating the prompt words for this week.

    My wish for you is: be careful to check that the voice you are using makes sense. For example, you start the story in the third person, talking about Ponto Kin and Uzamaki, then you switch to the first person by saying “Karata came to give us OUR instructions”. This makes the story confusing for your reader.

    I am really looking forward to your next piece.


  2. charliec567mps

    grumble grumble (great job I’m Inteleon if you did not now)

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