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A Dog’s Journey To Ireland: Cats Are Annoying

On a  really hot sunny day a dog escaped from its evil owner and went on a big journey to Ireland.

“But it’s a long journey to get to Ireland” said a voice.

It was Cat the most despicable being of all time. Dog hates Cat so Dog barks at Cat.

“What dog are you bloodshot? Because you have red eyes…” said cat teasing dog.

Dog just ran away and ignored cat’s offensive words but Dog saw something beautiful and his eyes were sparkling it was a river and on the other side was Ireland. Meanwhile Cat was following Dog.

Uzamaki: Karata next generations the death forrest

Meanwhile in the Hidden Jounin Leaf competition, Ponto Kin and Uzamaki were waiting to go into the  deep dark forest of death. Hokage Karata came to give us our instructions. He said ” everyone has to get two scrolls, one is called the earth and the other is heaven. You need both of them to go to the next challenge”. We got a box, a scroll was in there it was the heaven scroll. We saw our master sitting on a chair rocking violently like a racoon he was wearing a sky blue robe. ” We will demolish them” Kin yelled keenly.

suddenly chapter 2

Felix couldn’t stop crying until he fell asleep i patted him on the head Jumble died a few months ago because he had too much smoke in his lungs and wasn’t able to breath properly. Felix woke up and looked at me frightened like i was a wolf then i heard Felix sob. Why is he sobbing i thought. Then i heard Felix scream, the deafening screams echoed through the cold night. i woke up in hospital “Felix wheres Felix” i said “sorry Zelda he had a stroke and died” said Dad. I couldn’t believe it i hugged Mum and sobbed.

suddenly chapter one

Suddenly Felix ran away after the ceremony. Felix was crying and had his shaking hands covering his face. it’s his medical attention “Felix i’m here remember me it’s your granddaughter Zelda” said Zelda a teenager in year 7 who experienced the greatest bush fire in Australia. “Babushka come with me” he said pointing to the forest he grabbed me violently and we disappeared into the night. I fell asleep and woke up at Felix’s burnt house. I saw him at the hole we dug one year ago he sobbed and said “babushka remember us down there with jumble” i said “yes”.

the red uchiha eye moon

in the hidden sand at night village people gathered to see the red uchiha eye moon. The moon was a blood red color and had tear drops in every circle. It only came once a year. Kazekage (mayor of the sand) loved it so much he painted it and put it in his office. but this year was a disaster because a small tree was growing in front of it. It was brownish black and smelled like a maple tree  and  looked like it was dying. Meanwhile people were frowning and started leaving because it wasn’t beautiful anymore .To be continued