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being safe online

being smart means that you behave in safe and responsible ways.

1)why is it important to be safe online?

it’s important to be safe online because if you don’t you might be scamed by someone and you may get your money stolen.

2) what can happen if you are not safe online

you may be bullied they may send inappropriate images to you they may show up at your place and cause harm and steal money

3) list 5 steps you currently take to be safe online

step 1 don’t talk to anyone you don’t know

step 2 block people you don’t know

step 3 tell your parents teacher guardian if a stranger bullies you

step 4 don’t give out your real name address email

step 5 put your settings to private



the young ghost the mansion

“It’s for sale and only $1” he said wearily. The man with one eye he was withered he looked like the previous owner of the mansion “only $1 you gotta be joking” i teased. “what did you say” he whispered in my ear and coughed up something in my ear “ewwwwwwwwwwww what did you do that for” i said disgusted finally he turned in to a ghost the gigantic ghost what my rumors true then a little ghost came he looked about the same age as me “DON’T DO THIS YOU’LL DESTROY US ALLLL” said the young ghost then i took out my blaster out and sucked all the ghosts up “done and ready to go back to the ghost busters” i said as i went to the ecto-1001. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image result for gasper

the young ghost

long time ago in a big mansion a kid was playing with his father then a gigantic ghost crept up the boy and dad and never have been seen since 1940 during the world war 2 there were rumors that the boy disappeared by aliens and another rumor because a air bomb hit the house.

but me no i thought there was a ghost behind it. at 12:00 am i went in the mansion the mansion was built in 1234 and it was made out of solid gold but it collapsed in 1900 so now its made out of wood “its for saleĀ  its for 1$” said a old man with one eye. to be continued