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pure poison: the cats return

In a galaxy far far away cats destroyed the galaxy with nuclear bombs. I was the pilot dog of big red. Big red is a jet fighter that’s red by the way my name is Nazis big red captain of the jet fighters. Okay lets get on the story. Boom the jet fighter big red got shot down i said “oh no” i crashed down on a turquoise planet. The planet was tropical there were boats and lots of crashed down jets. I went on a boat and sailed quietly down the stream then a nuclear bomb fell.

I hid under a tree then a weird stranger came.

poem lachie

hello everybody in the world i did some poems today and i would want to my work with you and leave a comment enjoy

Nintendo 2ds

Red and white

Smooth rubber thumb stick

Completing a game, Feeling of relief

Nintendo 2ds


Sonic hedgehog

Super Mario bros

Nothing can replace it

diary of a pokemon trainer 2

determinedly i was on my first journey. When i went to the lab the professor was crying and he said someone taken all of the Pokemon. I was thinking what he meant then a knew i won’t get a Pokemon. I was sad as i turned my head, the world spun around and i fainted. When i woke up i was at the hospital because i vomited up a Pokemon called Mimikyu and the professor gave it to me to keep. Boom “yes!” when i caught a shiny ho oh. Meanwhile i looked up in the sky there was a crack.

diary of a Pokemon trainer

today was my first day of Pokemon training. I went downstairs to get ready but i heard a bang it was my mum shes a Pokemon professor she study’s Pokemon in space. I said”are you alright” she said”yes I am honey but you have to get to the professor or you won’t get a Pokemon” so I went outside the air was fresh i couldn’t wait so i ran to the professor i saw the professor crying in front of the lab he kept repeating “i heard them before i saw them”.

I went over to him i said “whats wrong” someone stole all the Pokemon”he said

The moon catcher

One dark night in a warm desert a man put his hands out to capture the moon. The moon turned black as a black hole and the sky turned black as a stray black cat. The sun started to rise the dark turned to light the man opened his mouth looking at the warm and sunny sunrise he got really red and he put his hands out again and the moon came back the man said”  sun and moon will rise once again and my name shall be Star”. All the animals came looking at Star’s creation the animals opened there eyes. The sky was like a galaxy.