Monthly Archives: May 2019

sonic and the living dead

zzzz bam bomb Dr eggman  was up to no good. He put these poor animals into robots and chopped down the trees where the orangutans lived. with a little DNA and a molecule he made the orangutans living zombies. sonic woke up in a dash one minute later sonic was so fast he was faster then a flying bullet sonic is blue and he’s a hedgehog. meanwhile at Robotpolis Dr eggman was building his army of robot monkeys of doommmmm. Snivy said “why is it a monkey” “oh shut up Snivy” said Dr eggman our plan will come to play. will sonic save the day.

sports day

wake up wake up said mum Today is sports day dreaming to win. I was at the first event sprints i could hear people cheering people yelling the gun exploding. I could see people clapping there hands and yelling my name out. I smelt the smoke from the gun and the fresh air of sports day.

I felt the air through my hands. then we presented the winners then we got through our events to the easter raffle then went home.


sonic the hedgehog💥xl

Boom boom one day a village called Knothole it got destroyed by the meanest man on earth Dr Robotnik he set stuff on fire but the freedom fighters can stop him. So Sonic was walking by houses burnt up. then he saw a few people. ??? said “we are the freedom fighters my name is Sally and there names are Roter and Bunny. When Sonic saw Sally she was pretty as a famous movie star then Dr robotnik came “I was so cross”said sally. Sonic had a epic battle with his mortal enemy but it ended up Sonic wining the freedom fighters cheered for Sonic.