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harmony day🙏🏻

Harmony day is about to respect people like 👨🧑🏻🧑🏼🧑🏽🧑🏾🧑🏿 this and respecting others religions. Harmony day is something to share and talk about to friends and family. finally harmony day is to treat everyone the same like hair skin language etc cultures.

Sometimes in class we can chat to other students from other countries. Recently, we talked with some African students on Edmodo and they sent us photos of their houses and what they look like. I thought it was really interesting because they looked so different from our houses.


sonic and the secret rings

Meanwhile sonic was sleeping in his bed he had a cold he woke up and read a book then a genie went out out of the book she said, “my world is in danger because of Erazor Djinn”. She said her name was shahra. A few seconds later they went to the arabian nights to save the world of the arabian nights. meanwhile Erazor Djinn was making his evil plan to find the rings. His lips went up in joy the rings was here he opened the box but it was empty. what a surprise!  Erazor Djinn said sonic was there to beat his butt.

sonic word quiz

hello friends and people around the welcome to my new post its a word quiz that I coded myself feel welcome to give me a comment.








vinegar mayhem and sonic the hedgehog!!!🧂💥

meanwhile sonic our blue hedgehog escapes from the evil villain Dr Eggman. A few minutes later Sonic bubed in to vinegar the vinegar was too sharp he tried to talk but spat glass all over sonic. Lots of seconds later the Dr made a robot called Metal sonic he was very powerful. Dr eggman didn’t need tails so he threw him away with a little Dna from sonic he could make a very strong monster robot. Nervously sonic saw a robot that exately looked like him Soinc and vinegar had to take him down. Angrily Sonic took down the robot sonic saved the day.