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the bear

one sad rainy day a teddy was dropped in the big city it belonged to a little kid that was his one teddy bear that he only had one of.  One day the kid was playing with it but his mum got angry and said “you better grow up young man” and took him away from his beloved bear. the kid was sad for a long time forward. but the teddy was still there 40 years later. The kid grew up into a man.

He took his kids to the big city they had bears too. then his kids saw a teddy. He remembers the end.

sonic and tails on Earth

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Said sonic as they saw there game console was completely out of tune then the old malfunctioning console got trashed into the bin. Then a blue light went out of the console it was our cool blue spikey hedgehog Sonic! and our fav two tails fox Tails!. Sonic can’t believe what happened he was 3d less 2d. He saw big feet he got stepped on.  Tails laughed in tears. Sonic was about to use his spin dash but it did nothing. tails could not stop laughing sonic tried to go in to the bin but he couldn’t. but then a shadow came out of nowhere.

Sonic and the evil villain

Sonic woke up with a fringe on his face. He saw that he was captured by Dr Eggman/Robotnik.

Sonic thought it was as cold as a winter morning in Antarctica. The lights were flickering. Sonic the blue hedgehog was frightened like a little mouse. But then the mean Dr gave Sonic burnt black eggs. Then the Dr laughed in crazy laughter then it got darker. Sonic washed himself in the great shower. Sonic was sad he wanted to see his friend fox Tails. He went to bed wondering where Tails was then he heard his voice. Sonic couldn’t do anything then he got to bed.

all about me

this is my brand new post it is called all about me it is a jigsaw puzzle free to play it and leave me a comment.

preview18 pieceall about me